​Investigate three variants of the fable “The Crow and the Fox”-Answer the following in 2 to 3 pages

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You did not discuss about the gender and why the writer considered the crow a female when he use the pronoun (she), and how this could be seen as stereotyping that females like telling them complements and they are emotionally. Another thing that you did not discuss the point that: it’s important to clearly state the theme of the story ( morals & lessons) with description. Also you did not discuss the idea that we can observe that these stories had been written through years in different times, yet the structure of them all is the same: i mean like the literary devices are the same, the plot is going through the same process in them all. And also it is important to take a picture/ imagery from one of the story, describe it and relate it to the real world then support it from the story.Kindly discuss all the above