I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

OKKKAYYY so this is suppose to be an appeal to my college admissions on why i did not submit an application, i already have the proof and what i wrote below really happened i just need more empathy added and written a lot better becaue i really need to get in and i just missed the admission dead line and so i need this to be the best one pager, i will attach the proof onece it is done so you dont need to worry about that.

No need for more than one page, it just has to be a good page.

My dad has a pace maker, the defibrillator was shocking the rest of his heart and the dr and surgeons could not figure out why. he was in and our of the hospital for months on end. taking him off his pills putting him in new ones and so on. after they tried each thing, he went into v fib one afternoon, pulse was lost and no movement in his heart. this went on for about 20 minutes while they continued to shock him to bring him back and transport him to a new hospital. they got him back and breathing. they had to intubate him.. he was on the heart transplant list. Our hospital only gets 20-30 heart transplants a years in san Diego. he was on the transplant list for about a week, they told us they found a heart and we should be good to go have the surgery done by the next day. the family of the heart donor change their mind by the next day. then the day after they changed their mind again. this went on for about another week. eventually the dr said that they are moving on and trying to find another donor. the we waited a bit longer then the original heart donors family approved the transplant. we had to wait for them to bring it in to San Diego. he received the heart transplant. he recovered in the hospital for about 2 weeks. now he is home and he is going through physical therapy. someone always has to be home with him to make sure everything is okay we go to physical therapy with him. he had to quit his job and my mom does not work so that she could care for him. my sister and i are the only ones in the family that work and we still have to go to school along with my dad to his biopsies so we can show the drs that he has aid at home. with all of this going on and eveything on my plate through work, school, and the appointments that i went to with my dad i forgot to send in my college application. i am making an appeal because i was not accepted last semester due to my grades, i have got my grades up ive taken all the neccesary classes and i am ready.