3 pages (750 words) not including the works cited page/bibliography, and title page. Double spaced Times New Roman Font Size: 12

I’m stuck on a Geography question and need an explanation.

You are assigned to go out and explore these landscapes such as the river, the mountains, the park, on campus agricultural site and write about the physical geography aspects of them (1 page). Then I want you to explore a country that you would like to visit or live in. You will write about this location’s weather patterns, the type of landscape, the type of flora and fauna that live there, and/or the hydrologic features that are present there (1 pages). Then I want you choose one topic that we are covering in class and compare and contrast your local environment to the environment you are researching (1 page). (Examples of topics: weather, extreme weather (tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis), importance of landscapes (rivers, mountains, deserts, forests, coastal/territorial temperature variation) earthquakes, volcanoes, or wildlife. Articles and books must relate to the physical geography of 1 country or region of your choice. Do not quote the articles, summarize them in your own words instead.