A formal letter to the senator Mark Warner in the state of VA, Unites states- including research

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

Paper Requirements:

must be 750 words

Purpose is to inform about the issue then persuade him for a solution

Thesis: The Saudi government play an effective role in making an enormous change on the global economy by selling petroleum oil. However, there are negative implications from it.

Formal writing

In text citation.

I will also provide the assignment sheet and want the post script to be answered

I have also done annotated bibliography, please use it to support your claim as well as providing new research.

Talk about the negative implications and by persuading to make a change such as the attack from Iran that destroyed Saudi oil facility And supporting it with research and facts


You need to write audience profile and genre profile by answering the questions in the assignment sheet and they need to be 250 words each.