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Question- There were very few female Impressionist artists. Does it matter what gender an artist is? Does being male or female affect the subject an artist chooses or the ways in which that subject is portrayed?

Answer responding to- An artist is a one of a kind individual who depicts to the world by communication. It is a brilliant articulation of workmanship to convey messages to the world. However it doesn’t make a difference what sexual orientation the craftsman however the character job they are inquired as to whether one was to assume the job of a religious individual or a politician ,one would need to pick the on-screen character in like manner with legitimate body language, expression of face, how adequately one would complete the job effectively. Then Gender doesn’t matter. For making accounts of individuals one would need to be explicit about sex roles. Similar if a female craftsman assumes a negative job it conveys numerous suppositions and flexibility than a man being in a negative role. As the world perceives in sex jobs, ladies as progressively compliant and aloof. Image relating to this answer is attached.


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