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Assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or rtf using the dropbox.

I cannot open Pages documents. The participation assignments are based on your readings and usually require an answer that is a paragraph in length.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are part of the grade so proof read before you submit.

Your assignment should be based on the reading in the textbook and should contain details using specific terminology from the text.

Do not quote the text without a citation. Write in your own words. It is not necessary or desirable to refer to other sources. Participation is a cooperative approach to learning.

You will not only learn from the instructor, but from each other. Assignments are worth 20 points. You

will submit ONE assignment for each unit of three modules. Assignment one will cover modules 1,2,3,

assignment two will cover modules 4,5,6, etc. Assignment one contains three choices and you will choose one

. So that is one assignment for each 3 modules. Review the 3 assignments and decide which ONE you will do.

Do not do them all.There will be NO MAKEUPS allowed on assignment

Stress, Lifestyle, and Health Unit 5 Choice 1Image result for image of health


When you get your results read all the way to the bottom of the page and then answer the three questions below.

  1. Based on your results, what is your health risk in relation to stress?
  2. Discuss any cultural factors related to items on the stress scale that might be relevant for you.
  3. What positive coping strategies discussed in the reading might work best for you?

Schizophrenia Observational Exercise Unit 5 Choice 2


Watch Schizophrenia: Gerald, Part 1 and 2 Gerald part 2 Gerald part 1

After watching the two films, give a specific example for each of the following characteristics of schizophrenia:

  • Delusions
  • Disorientation
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Verbal Disturbance
  • Motor Disturbance

I Diagnose…Unit 5 Choice 3

stewie griffin from family guy


Think of a character from a popular fairy tale, movie, or work of fiction. (1)Decide what psychological disorder the character might have. (2)Describe your character’s symptoms based on your reading. (3)Then prescribe a treatment.