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In this section, you’ll learn how to assess nonprofit organizations in a community to determine whether they meet Grant & Crutchfield’s criteria for “high impact.”


As we get ready to apply “high impact” criteria to assess specific organizations, you may find it helpful to use this worksheet to help guide you during your assessment.

Worksheet – Evaluating Organizations for “High Impact”

Watch & Follow Along

Watch this tutorial of how to assess a community organization using the criteria of “high impact.” You can follow along and fill out the worksheet, if you wish, to see if you come to the same conclusion as the tutorial.

    1. How to Apply “High Impact” Criteria in Assessment of a Community Organization (11:35 minutes)

Download a copy of the tutorial’s PowerPoint file

Download a copy of the tutorial’s transcript

Read, Reflect & Give Feedback to a Peer


Next, read about an existing organization – the Captain Planet Foundation – through their website:

As you read, take note of the characteristics of this organization, the work they do, and their approach to creating change. You will want to use that information to assess whether this organization meets the 6 criteria of being “high impact.” (You might consider using the worksheet provided above to help complete your assessment.)


Next, post your answers to the following questions on the Module 4.3 “Case Study of an Organization” discussion forum (note – this board is not graded, but is an opportunity to practice these assessments & get feedback from a peer before doing the same for your Community Analysis):

        • Does the organization (the Captain Planet Foundation) meet the criteria of “high impact”? Justify your conclusion. Make sure your description includes analysis of all 6 criteria for “high impact.”
        • If it doesn’t fully meet the criteria, explain why you came to this conclusion. Discuss specific actions the organization would need to take to come closer to meeting the criteria.