Case Study Questions on technology and society

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you will be given a case study relating to a particular technology and the impact it has on society and the environment. Your are required to answer all the questions relating to the case study. Ensure that your name is on your submitted prepare and each question should be numbered.

1. What was the main cause of the Challenger explosion? What do you think might be different about the respective answers of NASA, Morton Thiokol, and Roger Boisjoly to this question? Use the Internet or sources from the library to provide additional information to support your answer.

2. Pretend for a moment that you are Roger Boisjoly. Your recommendation that the launch be postponed has been overridden. What should you do? Provide a detailed explanation as to why you would or would not pick each of the following options.
a. Resign your position in protest.

b. Blow the whistle by calling a local radio or television station.

c. Tell the astronauts and their families of your concerns.

d. Do nothing.

3. What is your opinion of Roger Boisjoly’s role as a whistle-blower? How would you have handled this situation differently?

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