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The course concept essay should be 1000 words in length and is to be on one of the below topics/concepts. Please use only one of the 4 topics below. You should write a paper about one of the 4 topics below that explain what the topic/concept is and then provide a corresponding example. Be sure to write arguments for and against the topic, not your example. Please use the rubric below. This is to be turned in via Canvas on Oct 4th and will not be accepted via email or in person.


Interest Groups

The Presidency (in general; not President Trump’s term)


This is a research paper (not an op-ed/opinion paper) and must include a minimum of 10 citations (i.e. MLA, Endnotes, or Footnotes), and a bibliography/works-cited/reference page. Please do not include any textbooks or encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) in your bibliography, as they are not appropriate as reference sources for college level papers. Please Please Please email me if you have any concerns.

The paper MUST be typed, double- spaced, and in Times New Roman – #12 font. Cover pages and bibliographies will not count toward the word count requirement.

Please format according to A.P.A., M.L.A., or the Chicago Style format. Please visit the Learning Commons for assistance with this.

A quality paper will contain these parts:

1) Statement of the concept/topic. Ex. Separation of Powers

2) Statement of the current event. Ex. Donald Trump overreaching

3) Explain how the concept relates to a current event. Ex. Pres. Trump has tried to appropriate funds

4) Primary arguments in favor of the concept/topic-please cite. Primary arguments for opposing the concept/topic-please cite.

5) Your opinion on the arguments of both sides.Your rationale/logic for reaching this conclusion.

This is not an opinion piece, please do not make this entire piece about your views-you will receive a zero. If you write about a topic other than one of the 4 topics listed above, you will receive a zero. Also, points will be deducted for poor: grammar, content, and spelling. If this assignment is completed incorrectly, you will receive a zero-no partial credit.