Create a topic and find 6 peer-reviewed sources

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Hi I have a final English project and for tomorrow I need to have my topic idea + 6 peer-reviewed sources.

“You are required to submit your topic/recommendation (about the length of a paragraph), format, and peer-reviewed sources of your project. It should be at least one page but no more than 2 pages in length.”

The following are the instructions for the whole project, but for today I only need what is asked in the previous paragraph.



Before announcing Cheryl Strayed’s Wild as the new selection for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 in June2012, Oprah had taken an extended hiatus from her book club. In fact, Oprah chose her last selectionof the original OBC, a special double edition of Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations, in December 2010. Although Oprah has selected other texts since Wild, this extended delay—the longest in OBC’s history—suggested that Oprah needed time to reimagine the future of OBC on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). And, then, in March 2019, Oprah announced that she plans to take her book club in an entirely new direction by joining forces with Apple TV+ to buildwhat she calls “the biggest, the most vibrant, the most stimulating book club on the planet.” “It is a club,” she claims, “where Apple stores stream a conversation with the author and me live across alldevices [and] across all borders uniting people to stories.”

Your final creative project on OBC should craft a recommendation for how to incorporate the bookclub into Oprah’s media empire (network, magazine, website, and/or philanthropic organizations, etc) and/or into Apple TV+, a new streaming service from Apple that, as its CEO Tim Cook puts it, is“unlike anything that’s been done before.” This project will help you improve your critical thinking skills, your problem-solving skills, your application of knowledge, your communication skills, and yourability to integrate and synthesize course materials you’ve read. Given what you’ve learned in the course about the formation, strategies, successes, and controversies of OBC, you’ll have to put together a persuasive, informed, and argumentative final creative project—where you provide advice on the possible ways of repackaging the book club and back up each of your main claims. The project should include a carefully worded recommendation supported by thoughtful reasoning and analysis as well as a rationale for why your target audience should seriously consider your recommendation. Your project could include a variety of recommendations, from providing a list of specific titles and literary genres that can be included in OBC to offering advice about the marketing, streaming content, and format of OBC on Apple TV+. With respect to suggesting titles or genres, you might consider including a rationale for why certain books and genres would be a good fit for OBC, or if your suggestions differ dramatically from previous selections, make a strong case for why OBC should consider reading a different kind of text. With respect to marketing, content, and format suggestions, feel free to consider a range of different issues: setting of the book club (Should the book club meetingtake place in Oprah’s home, office, or a studio set? Why? Why not?), structure of the book club (Should the club’s meeting revolve around discussion or should there be a lecturing component? Why? Why not?), medium of the book club (Should the club interviews only be streamed on Apple TV+ orshould it also air on Oprah’s network? Why? Why not?), tone of discussion questions (Should the questions be geared primarily around the content of the text or the experience of the author? Why? Why not?), etc. Your project can take a number of different formats, ranging from a proposal, a letter, an op-ed, a podcast, an interview, a video, etc. The key is to think creatively about this final project.

Final Creative Project Requirements

Although they can take a number of different formats, all final creative projects must include the following:

1. A carefully worded recommendation on how to incorporate/enhance/reimagine OBC within Winfrey’s vast media empire and/or into Apple TV+. You can think of your recommendation as your argument.

2. Relevant use of primary and/or secondary sources to support your main recommendation(s).

3. A demonstration of your knowledge & expertise of OBC & its history.

4. A rationale for why your target audience should seriously consider your recommendation.

5. A bibliography that must include eight (8) peer-reviewed secondary sources (peer-reviewed source is one in which an author’s scholarly work, research, or ideas have been scrutinized by experts in the appropriate field.) Cite the works in full, proper, bibliographic form—noting author, title, and publication data. Consult MLA Handbook for citation formats.

6. The format should be a proposal or a letter.

The books and works that we have read in class are:

Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Ernest Gaine, A lesson before dying

Controversie – Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections

Controversie – James Frey, A Million Little Pieces

Michelle Obama, Becoming

Tommy Orange, There There

Please read the wikipedia website so you can get an idea about the Book Club.