Critical Analysis Paper

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Think of the CAP as a well-researched, persuasive/argumentative paper. Imagine that you are trying to persuade an intelligent, but uninformed reader of your conclusion, which is encapsulated in your thesis statement. The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should be your thesis statement. Be sure to narrow it down sufficiently to write a well-written paper in 4 pages. You must site at least 2 academic sources. You can choose any topic below or from the file that I linked below.

– Do you believe that we have free will? What are the arguments for and against the notion that we are free to do as we

please? Provide some examples.

– Do morals and faith need to be intertwined or can one understand morality independently of a religious foundation? Is it

necessary to ground our morality in the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita (or some other sacred scripture)? Can one be a

secular humanist, atheist, skeptic, etc., and still lead a morally virtuous life? If so, how?

– What is the relationship (if any) between science and religion? Is one compatible with the other or are they mutually

exclusive? How do scientific explanations differ from religious explanations? Is one superior to the other, or are they

asking and answering different questions.