Descriptive Passage Draft

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Review Section 3.2 in Successful College Composition

As we know from our reading from Weeks 6-8, great descriptive passages are a big part of writing a successful memoir. We want our audience to feel as if they have experienced the memory or event right along with us as they read.

Begin this discussion question by reviewing Section 3.2 from Successful College Composition. Then draft one descriptive paragraph that you might use in your own upcoming memoir. Try to use all five senses in this paragraph. Use as many details as possible to help your reader really experience this paragraph as if he or she was there in that moment.

After writing this paragraph, write a second paragraph describing what this experience was like for you. Was it easy? Was it hard to describe in such detail? Where do you see yourself using this kind of descriptive writing in the future? Use passages from Section 3.2 to help support your points in this reflection.

As always, in order to be eligible for full points on this discussion, you are required to post at least two responses to classmates. In these responses, evaluate and constructively critique your classmates descriptive passages. What did the author do well in these passages? Was there anything confusing or unclear in these paragraphs? What might need to be added or taken out?