Disaster Analysis

Can you help me understand this Law question?

Match this file with outline bellow( also i attached it ). You need to add and change some Paragraphs. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS MATCHING THE OUTLINE. USE THE BOLD FONT for every title


I. Executive Summary

a. Authorization and Scope of the Project

b. Methods

c. Summary

1. Existing Situation

2. Problem(s)

3. Alternative Solutions

d. Conclusions

e. Recommendations

II. Existing Situation and Problem(s)

a. Existing Situation and Problem(s)

b. Facts or Database

c. Problem Statements

III. Alternative Solutions

a. General Criteria

b. Database

c. Alternatives

d. Cost Analysis

IV. Appendices

a. Glossary of Symbols and Abbreviations

b. References c. Calculations

d. Other Pertinent Data or Supporting Documentation