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Write a discussion of 150 words

  1. Read the article “Misleading Data Visualizations Can Confuse, Deceive Learners” https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/misleading-data-visualizations-can-confuse-deceive-learners
  2. Locate a data visualization from a news media outlet (newspaper, news magazine, news website, etc.) that represents one of the flaws discussed in this article. This may be a graph, chart or other form of visual data representation. (You cannot use one that is in the article!)
  3. Post (or link) the misleading visualization to your discussion board so the rest of your group members can see. (If you link, double check to make sure the link works!)
  4. Explain in a few sentences which of the flaws from the article this visualization contains and how/why the visualization is misleading. Do you think the author intentionally intended to mislead readers? Why or why not?