Discussion Board 3: Animal Communication

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Discussion Board Instructions and Deadline

  • use evidence to support your opinion (MUST cite research as outlined in prompt)
  • proofread your answer and use complete, grammatical sentence
  • Discussion Board Question #3

In Module 3 and the film, Nova Science Now – How Smart are Animals, you learned animals besides humans communicate with each other. If you recall, during Module 1, communication refers to the process participants use to exchange information, ideas, needs and desires. Communication can be accomplished through a variety of different means, including speech, language, gestures, and body movements. Language, however, is defined as the systematic and conventional use of sounds (or signs or symbols) for the purpose of communication and self-expression. It has also been defined as the socially shared code for representing concepts through the use of arbitrary symbols and rule-governed combinations of those symbols (you can call this grammar, if you like). Most, if not all, scientists agree that animals communicate. But, scientists disagree as to whether animals truly have ā€œlanguage.ā€

In your opinion and based on evidence, do you think animals use language or are humans the only species to have language? In your response you may want to define language. Please be sure to provide AT LEAST 2 citations/references for your responses. References for this response can come from reputable, web-based sources, as well as your textbook, journal articles, and books.

Grading Scale

5 – well-informed, uses/cites research appropriately, complete and grammatical sentences, meets minimum word count, convincing in argument/answer to prompt.

4 – reasonably well-informed and appropriately uses/cites research, but may be less convincing in argument/answer in prompt. No issues with grammar were noted and met minimum word count.

3 – author does attempt to use/cite research in response, but may have been less convincing in argument/answer in prompt. Issues with grammar may have been noted. Author may not have met minimum word count.

2author does not attempt to use/cite research in response and thus, fails to convince reader of answer. Issues with grammar may have been noted. Author may not have met minimum word count.

1 – poorly written, did not meet minimum word count and was not well-informed or use/cite research in prompt. Many issues were noted.

0 – did not attempt assignment