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I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

you must use “one” outside source (not the textbook) from 2014 or newer in your comments and list it as you would on a MLA works cited page: example below. No Wikipedia, ask.com, about.con, dictionary.com, other databanks, personal examples, anecdotes, or religious sources accepted! You can also go to external links and check easybib.com for proper format for each type of source, or refer to any MLA handbook.

Question : The current population is the most technology savvy in history. Is it good or bad the way it has changed our lives? What does the future hold? And what about people that have been left behind or unable to access new technology? After all, there are still places in the world that still have never had a telephone (and I mean the antique ones). Give me your thoughtful opinion (thesis) in “your own” words (about 300 – 500 words with one source in MLA format) to back up your stance. as always, use your outside source as a reference point, not your argument, mention an article from section three, and make a final prediction about the future.

Check the following (and always consider the source’s reliability):