Documentary Summary

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Documentary: Seattle is Dying (Produced by KOMO News 1 hour; Available on YouTube)

Homelessness, substance abuse and mental health are challenges inflicting urban communities throughout the United States, including right here in San Diego. The issue, which is often expressed as a “housing affordability crisis,” is so much more. The role public administrators have – from police officers to public health officials – is momentous. Pay attention to how the issue is impacting the quality of work life for police officers as well as how residents and business owners have lost faith in their elected officials. After reviewing the video, please answer the assignment prompts.

In a minimum 2 (full) page double-spaced paper:

1) Summarize The documentary or administration topic discussed and examples of information shared by the Documentary.

2) Apply at least two specific concepts from PA 301 reading assignments and/or lectures to what you learned at the presentation.

These are the things taught in the class. Pick some that are related to the documentary to answer question number 2

  • Define public administration, government, governance and politics;
  • Explain the growth in size and complexity of American government;
  • Understand the concepts of federalism, fiscal federalism, intergovernmental relations and the major financial relations between national, state and local governments;
  • Identify and define public policy and how official and unofficial actors and stakeholder groups influence the policymaking process;
  • Understand public/private partnerships and the arguments that have been made for and against the privatization of public services;
  • Explain how bureaucracies can have both positive and negative effects on delivering public goods and services;
  • Analyze effective leadership and management practices required for addressing the difficult challenges facing government agencies today;
  • Understand the purpose of budgets in government agencies;
  • Describe basic principles of the merit system;
  • Explain government’s role in both promoting and regulating private business activity;
  • Identify and explain the basic requirements for successful policy implementation;
  • Define accountability in government and reasons why it is necessary;
  • Understand why ethical actions of public administrators is imperative in all they do; and
  • Explore personal career options in the field of public service.