does Andrew Jackson deserve to be on the face of the $20 bill? Why or why not?

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In 2016 the US Treasury announced it was replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 bill. In your educated and well-explained opinion, does Andrew Jackson deserve to be on the face of the $20 bill? Why or why not? You should probably give some background information on Jackson and discuss his achievements and/or failures to support your argument.


– 3 – 5+ pages (it can go over). The minimum is a firm rule.

– Double spaced, 11 or 12pt font, full citation of sources

You may only use the two sources I provided and the textbook. You must cite these sources in your paper. No other sources are acceptable!

– Fully answer the question and support your argument with fact.

– Please do not use Harriet Tubman as an argument. This essay is designed argue the historical importance of Jackson. Keep your arguments centered on Andrew Jackson.


The only sources you may use for this assignment are the three listed below. You must cite the material you use.

1) OpenStax – particularly Chapter 10 since it deals with Jackson. Still, you may use other information from the textbook if it helps your essay.

2) This website: (Links to an external site.)

– The Andrew Jackson pages of the Miller Center are edited by Dr. Daniel Feller. Dr. Feller is an excellent hsitorian that specializes in Andrew Jackson. In addition, he also edits The Andrew Jackson Papers. You will find that Dr. Feller typically takes a more approving view of Jackson than other historians.

There are several “Life in Depth” essays on this page. You may use any and all of them.

3) This letter written by a soldier involved in the Trail of Tears: