enc101 English

I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

Write a 1- to 2-page reflection paper (250 to 550 words) describing how you intend to modify your current writing and discourse processes to help them align better with the type of writing you will be expected to do in the course, and in particular, in the final project. (I am retiring next year, i’m in the army currently trying to distance myself from the Military Discourse and merge into a some corporate discourse)

What will you need to consider when writing academically, for instance, that you do not currently have to consider with your current professional or social processes? (my audience and the purpose) What kind of language do you currently use in one of your discourse communities that may need to be modified to meet the needs of an academic audience?(Military Jargon) Does your current process or current discourse call for a formal organization of your thoughts?(Army is big on short aND to the point) How does academic writing call for writers to organize and focus their content in ways that your current processes do not?