ENG-1102 Comp and Modern English

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1.After you’ve done some preliminary research, you should have a better idea of how you will organize your paper. Your outline may be formal or informal. It may be in complete sentences, but it doesn’t have to be. What it should do, however, is give me a clear idea of how you plan to develop your entire paper. It should clearly identify main points and subpoints that you plan to cover in your paper.

See the examples below:

Sample Outline:

INTRODUCTION – (Brief comment leading into subject matter –

Thesis statement on Shakespeare)

BODY – Shakespeare’s Early Life, Marriage, Works, Later Years

Early life in Stratford

Shakespeare’s family

Shakespeare’s father

Shakespeare’s mother

Shakespeare’s marriage

Life of Anne Hathaway

Reference in Shakespeare’s Poems

Shakespeare’s works




Romeo and Juliet


The Tempest

Much Ado About Nothing


King John

Richard III

iii. Henry VIII


Other poems

Shakespeare’s Later Years

Last two plays

Retired to Stratford



Epitaph on his tombstone


Analytical summary

Shakespeare’s early life

Shakespeare’s works

Shakespeare’s later years

Thesis reworded

Concluding statement

2.Using the research you locate, you are to construct an annotated bibliography in MLA style.

Your bibliography should include a minimum of five academic sources (sources like Wikipedia do not count as academic resources).

Annotated Bibliography Definition: Unlike a Works Cited page which denotes sources you have already cited in your paper, a bibliography denotes sources you have consulted and may consider using as you write your paper. You are not obligated to use the sources that you include in your annotated bibliography, but since you are required to have ten academic resources for your research paper, it benefits you to find useful sources now. An annotated bibliography includes not only citation information, but it also includes a paragraph or so summary of the material that you may use in your paper after each citation entry.

I want to choose William Faulkner as my research object. We have previously analyzed one of his articles on the textbook: A Rose for Emily. This is one of my favorite articles in so many articles. Later I found the author of this article: William Faulkner, the only Nobel Prize winner in Mississippi, and I became more curious about him. His family and the environment he grew up had a great influence on him. Mississippi marked his sense of humor, his sense of the tragic position of “black and white” Americans, and his characterization of Southern characters. The article in his text, the process of writing in the third perspective, and the portrayal of the heroine and the unexpected endings impressed me. William Faulkner is a writer worthy of my research.