essay abute myth

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.


Write a myth in your own words. The essay about any myth you want to talk about it but don’t overdo it. you can just list the steps. You might like to consider “Do I think…”

• There is a god who created everything

• Everything appeared out of nothingness by random chance

• There had to be a “fall”, otherwise humans would have remained ignorant

• There had to be a “satan” figure to introduce evil

• Only logic and reason have any validity

• People are messed up (try to be a little more specific here…)

• I am a mix of philosophical reflection and psychological damage.

• I am a worthless, miserable worm (give proof)

• Etc

There are many topics, it would be very good if you could try to express your thoughts in a myth, or in a few short myths. so it should express something meaningful to you.

Feel free to be creative and even a bit casual in tone (though you do need to cite any sources you use). and I need 4 pages on this essay.