Evidence-based Practice

Module 3 Discussion Topic 2

What Should the NP do? Evidence-based Practice

Review assigned readings in McLaughlin and McLaughlin (2019).

According to McLaughlin and McLaughlin (2019), the policy analysis process involves 6 activities (pages 7-8). In the discussion forum pretend that you are a nurse practitioner with a private practice. Explain how you might use these steps to analyze one of the following problems that you are facing in your practice:

  • What should I do to help my community understand the risks of potential pandemics without arousing unnecessary concerns?
  • Should I join a large group with ties to a dominant delivery network (hospital, health maintenance organization, or pharmacy chain)?

In the forum answer the following questions: What evidence would you use to support your decision? How could a nurse practitioner use the three categories for rating the strength of evidence on page 136 to make his/her decision? Since evidence-based medicine strives to ensure that patients and stakeholders are part of the decision-making process how can you take into account biases in evidence gathering? How could information technology be used to support dissemination of decision aids for patients and caregivers?

  • All discussions are set in post first mode, which means you must create your primary post before being allowed to view your classmates’ work.
  • Read the instructions carefully. You must complete all parts to receive full credit. Be sure to check both your grammar and spelling as points are lost for these elements.
  • This discussion is worth 50 points. Refer to the grading rubric by clicking the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the page and select the Show Rubric button.


Evidence-Based Practice

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

In comparison with the other theories studied so far, behavior therapy is unique in that it strictly adheres to the principles of the scientific method with therapeutic techniques that are empirically supported. In addition, evidence-based practice is highly valued in behavior therapy. Behavior therapists conduct a thorough functional assessment to identify and gather information about client issues. In your post, address the following:

  • Describe how you would build a relationship with your client based on the therapeutic process of behavior therapy. Include the characteristics and concepts from behavior therapy in your discussion.
  • Think of a behavior change your client might want to make. Using the ABC model from behavior therapy describe a functional assessment to help your client make behavior changes.
  • Evidence-based practices are highly valued in both behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. How might you integrate evidence-based practices in your work with clients?
  • 300-400 words
  • 1-2 sources