Explain some of the major problems related to overfishing the world’s oceans. Refers to one or more countries as examples.

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

This is an explaination genre essay. The length between 900 – 1200 words

I must define the term ” overfishing” in the introduction paragraph. Then describe the background of the issue which is ” overfishing”, it must include with the research evidence as an example. Then give the scope points in the last sentence ( purpose statement) of introduction paragraph ,which are major problems related to overfishing. For example : This essay will discuss about..[ first point] , [ second point], [ third point]

In the next 3 paragraph, discuss about the first major problem. Firstly, identify the link between the topic/issue and scope. Include with Research Evidence Note : at least two research related. example should be used in each body paragraph.

Then write the conclusion ( summary and final statement) and Reference List.

*must include 2 library sources ( UNSW library), 2 reading list sources and 2 permitted sources