Family assessment lab report

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My focus child is Lily. She is only 2 in a half years old, always smiling. She is always interacting with her classmates, always says “ok” to everything. I observe her inside the classroom and outside as well. Her favorite thing to do is ride tricycles the entire time during outside time. She has a 4 year old sister in her class and enjoys to spend a lot of time with her sister. It is hard to understand what she is saying until you closely listen to her. Lily is very very easy going loves to join others during play time. She is also very caring for her classmates and never hurts their feelings. Inside the classroom, Lily likes to build using the wooden blocks on the carpet or she enjoys to do art like painting. She also enjoys it when the teacher reads books to the class, she pays a lot of close attention. When the teacher reads a sad story, she is always curious as to why it ended the way it did. If you have any more questions about Lily please ask me because the Lab Report is based on her!

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