Final Essay

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Instructions: For this assignment, you will reflect all of the reading and writing you’ve done about citizenship this semester.By synthesizing this information, you will construct an essay in which you discuss how your view of citizenship has changed over the course of the semester and/or what you have learned about citizenship.

Begin with an introduction paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention, gives back ground information about the topic, an introduction paragraph that includes a strong thesis statement.

You should have at least three body paragraphs.Each one should begin with a strong topic sentence that clearly supports the thesis statement.Include details, examples and quotations (if you choose) from the texts and class discussions to help you support your thesis. (Please note that you are not required to use sources for this essay.)

End with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main points of your essay and discusses the essay’s significance.

While avoiding “I believe” and “I feel” statements; the essay can be written in either 1stor 3rd person.