formal essay comparing “first generation” and “second generatoin” feminist arts based on the reading

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Task: Your task in this assignment is to compare “first generation” and “second generation” feminist arts in the United States in a formal essay that thoroughly summarizes how each understood gendered identity (or “subjectivity”), their respective social goals, and characteristic artistic approaches/strategies. To do this, we would like you to choose two artists from the “first generation” (Schneemann, Edelson, Mendieta, Chicago, or an example from Womanhouse) and one artist from the “second generation” (Kruger or Sherman). Then, chose one work for each your chosen artists (3 works total) as your main examples.

• Write a thorough, well-organized essay that summarizes the content areas assessed in the rubric for this Formal Essay (see Canvas).
• Your essay should have an introduction that summarizes the socio-historical context women faced at the time, how each “generation” understood gendered identity, and leads to a thesis that clearly articulates each movement’s main goals.
• The body of your essay should thoroughly analyze your chosen examples and relate them to the overall goals of each movement. In other words, this analysis of your examples should support and enrich your thesis statement.
• Your conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay and include a thoughtful reflection on your informed views of the impact each “generation,” including the successes as well as shortcomings of each.

Criteria for Success: You will be successful in this assignment if your essay 1) is well-organized and thoroughly summarizes the main goals of these “generations” feminist arts in the United States through a thorough analysis of your chosen examples; 2) provides a thoughtful and informed reflection on their successes and shortcomings; 3) properly cites sources. Excellent work most often differs from adequate work due to levels content inclusion, thorough connection made between students’ specific examples and the overall goals of the movement, and the organization students’ writing.

Format: 5-8 pages (excluding title page and bibliography), double-spaced, 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman font.

Citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style and include a bibliography. See the tutorial and supporting materials on Canvas.

readings related to second generation (Kruger or Sherman):