How can technology that affects human life be used in an ethical manner? (In other words, what is needed to ensure that these technologies are used ethically?)

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Final draft — intro, 3 body paragraphs and a short conclusion. The final draft should be at least 5 full pages.

Reading: Torie Rose Degett’s The war Photo No one would publish” Tomas Van Houtryve’s “From the Eyes of a Drone”

You may want to consider this in your paper: Does the military’s use of drones violate ethics? What is the relationship between knowledge and responsibility? Who gets to decide how technology is used? What roles do politics and economics play in the use of these technologies?

Your thesis: You should express and support your own idea about the assigned topic and use textual evidence from the two readings to help develop and support your claim.

Your use of textual evidence and protocols: Choose relevant quotations and examples to further your project. (Each body paragraph should have two quotes, one from each writer.

Your organization: Paragraphs should focus on one idea, build upon each other logically, and work toward the development of the total project.