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How Have you Addressed Separation Anxiety?

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If you are a teacher or a parent of a child who has attended school or daycare, you have probably experienced separation anxiety of a child.

Separation Anxiety

One thing to note is that separation anxiety is normal and a positive sigh of a healthy attachment. It is often more difficult for the parent to cope with than the teacher!

There are situations when a child has severe anxiety and in some cases the child may need more time to mature before attending a group care setting.

  1. What does it mean when a parent seems to be supporting the child’s difficulty in separating rather than trying to encourage his/her successful separation?
  1. What can teachers do to help support parents when their child is having a difficult time adjusting to be separated from the parent?
  1. WHat is your understanding or a collectivist family? What are the primary differences between a collectivist family and one who the text describes as an individualistic family?
  1. What has your personal experience been with helping your own child or children in your classroom separate successfully? If you have no experience with separation anxiety, ask someone you know what experiences they might have to share.