I Need Help With the Following Assignment. I Need Excellent Work

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

I Need Help With the Following Assignment. I Need Excellent Work

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In the Statement of Scholarly Interest, applicants are asked to address all questions below in an essay format

1. What made you decide to pursue a graduate level degree in social work?

2a. Identify and define an area of interest related to social work

theory and practice which is significant to you, and in which you would

like to further your studies

b. How do you expect to learn and achieve your goals within the context of the MSW program at Dalhousie University?

3. Describe, discuss and analyze the knowledge, skills and current

debates, which you view as important to your chosen focus of study.

4. Discuss the relationship of social oppression and social injustice to

your research area of interest. (See School of Social Work Vision

Statement at www.socialwork.dal.ca or view inside cover page of MSW application


5. Provide a sense of your long-term goals in undertaking this Master of Social Work program.



The Statement of Scholarly Interest is an important component of the MSW

application for assessing the candidate’s admissibility to graduate

study. It should be of sufficient length (suggested length is

approximately eight double spaced pages in total for all

questions) to provide a formal, well-developed and thoughtful response

to the topics presented in the guidelines below.


Please note that as part of the admissions process, the Statement of

Scholarly Interest is an initial proposal. Accepted students have the

opportunity to further develop their focus of study in relation to their

learning needs as they participate in the program.

Note – this is not intended to be a proposal for research.

The Statement of Scholarly Interest assists the Admissions Committee in assessing the applicant’s:

 Readiness and suitability for graduate study in Social Work

 Ability to conceptualize, prepare, and present a well-developed statement on the focus of

intended study

 Social work knowledge, experience, commitment, and rationale for the chosen area.

 Possibilities for field placement (approved by the School of Social Work)