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I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

1.Movie time! Read Chapter 34 (paying attention to the Key Terms attached) and then

.and pretend you are a movie reviewer. Did you like the movie? Why or why not? Also, what in the movie relates to what you read in chapter 34?

2.This week you will be posting about one thing you learned about in Chapter 35. You just need to write a couple of sentences on it and describe what it is and why it is interesting. Here is the catch…you have to write about something that no one else has posted about yet! So the sooner you post, the easier it will be. Make sure you only talk about one topic (person, event, place, etc) so that there will be enough topics for the whole class! If you complete the assignment earlier, you will have more topics to choose from, and those will be easier to explain!

talk about (Mao Zedong-Would take over the Chinese Communist Party) from the book Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, Bentley, 6th ed. Vol 2