In this writing assignment, you will submit a 600-750 word (approximately one page) “tiny” paper, in which you analyze and compare important paintings by Francisco Goya and Jacques Louis David.

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In this Reflection, you will compare the following two works of art:

  • The Death of Marat (1793), by Jacques-Louis David , Neoclassicism
  • The Third of May, 1808 (1814), by Francisco Goya, Romanticism

Watch the videos that directly relate to these two works of art. Take notes while you watch each video. By this point in the course, you will already have watched them. They are found here:

How to Interpret a Work of Art

Video and Study Guide: Jacques-Louis David

Commentary and Videos: Neoclassical Painting

In 600-750 words, compare and contrast each of the two paintings, based on the criteria below. Then, upload this paper as a Word or PDF document to the submission link for this assignment.

  1. Begin with an outline to organize what you plan to write.
  2. Write 2-3 strong paragraphs in which you compare and contrast each work of art. You can organize your reflection in the way that works best for you.

Address the following issues and support your ideas with careful observations of the images:

  1. What actual political or historical events inspired each of these works and what role did each artist play in these events?
  2. What is the political statement or message in each work of art and how does the formal style of each painting reinforce this message?
  3. How does each artist’s approach to painting the subject reflect the formal style of the corresponding period (Neoclassical or Romantic)?