Introduction “Excursions in World Music”

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1- Please tell the class a little bit about yourself and your background. Do you have any musical experiences such as playing an instrument, singing, or any participation in musical events? Most of us consume or experience music in some way, maybe through religious activities, playing in a band or choir, or just for entertainment. Why do you want to take this course about World Music? What are you hoping to learn from this course? ( Your discussion post should be around 150 words cover all of the topic points ) and ( You are also required to respond to at least one of your fellow classmate’s posts and give constructive feedback and/or pose questions that are relevant to the discussion topics.

2- Download the Introduction Study Guide below. This assignment is meant to completed while reading the Introduction Chapter in our textbook, Excursions in World Music. Once you have completed the Study Guide.

3- Choose a video example from Unit 1 and write a 150-word journal about it. What culture creates this music? Can you name any of the instruments? What behaviors or activities are associated with this music? Also include your personal thoughts or feelings about your chosen audio/video example. Do you like it/dislike it? Why did you choose this particular example? ( Your Journal should be around 150 words ) cover all of the topic points .

* The following Video Clips are associated with, and embedded into, the Lecture Presentation of the Introduction Module, as well as “Chapter 1: Introduction” in your textbook

National Anthem:

Shona Mbira music from Zimbabwe:

European Opera singer

Maori music and dance:

Gregorian Chant:

Haitian Voudoun Ceremony:

Native American Flute:

Kacapi Suling, me performing with my Indonesian Teacher:

Aerophones: Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo:

Electrophones: Theremin, the first electronic instrument: