MUST BE GOOD DRAWER loose practice sketches—not finished or “polished” drawings.

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Create a minimum of six practice drawings in your medium of choice. You should work in the same medium you plan to use for the final project. These drawings should take no more than five minutes each. They should be loose practice sketches—not finished or “polished” drawings.

  • In two drawings, attempt to create a rough gesture drawing of the entire human being. Use either a life model (e.g., yourself or a friend) or utilize the Module Seven resources to do so. Do not “make up” poses.
  • In four drawings, practice drawing the human face (either yourself, a friend, or another visual reference). Remember that these are rough sketches—not polished or finished drawings. Try to capture the overall shape and spatial relationships between the facial features
  • All pictures should be labeled with nicole obeni and the date