Post your thesis statement (a single sentence that is not a question)

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Forum Objective: Learn how to write a counterargument/rebuttal paragraph for the week 7 analysis paper. Learn to analyze both sides of an issue.

Initial post instructions: 700 words

Post your thesis statement (a single sentence that is not a question) in bold, then post your counterargument paragraph and rebuttal paragraph for your Week 7 Analysis paper. Topic : the collection of intelligence state side would not be invading citizens privacy.

You will use the same 5 paragraph essay structure you did in the week 5 essay, but will add a counterargument/rebuttal paragraph, arguing both sides of the argument.

Sample Week 6 Initial Student post:

Thesis: Food from McDonalds is good for one’s health because McDonalds serves fish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and nutritious salads.

Counterargument paragraph (state what the other side thinks)

McDonalds serves unhealthy food because McDonalds’ main sales are high calorie drinks, fatty hamburgers, and oily French fries. Only a small minority of total McDonalds’ sales are healthy, such as salads and fish sandwiches. In addition, McDonalds hamburgers are 1,000 calories per serving….

Rebuttal paragraph (refute the counterargument)

It may be true that McDonalds sells unhealthy hamburgers; however, McDonalds’ salads contain lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and other healthy ingredients. Leafy green vegetables have antioxidants that help fight inflammation, heart disease and cancer. Eating McDonalds’ salads is good for one’s health….…