Preparing for Project 2: Post Reading (Aubrey & Royte)

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Post Reading: Connecting to Personal Experience

  • Due by Sunday, 11:59pm

An important part of truly understanding a reading is to make connections between the text and your own life and experiences. With a topic such as food waste, it may be easy to make these kinds of connections, so let’s practice! Based on the information you found in the two articles, complete the activity below by selecting two quotes from each author and making a connection between what the authors are saying and what you have experienced.

Quote from the Author

Connection to Personal Experience

Quote 1 from Aubrey

Quote 1 from Royte

Quote 2 from Aubrey

Quote 2 from Royte


“We consumers let a lot of food wilt or go sour in our refrigerators. And we may toss out items when they pass their sell-by dates — even though the food is still safe to consume” (Aubrey 2).

This reminds me of something my mother does. Just recently, I tried to put some Nutella on my toast. As I began spreading it, my mom took the jar straight out of my hands and threw it away. The expiration date said it expired that day, and she said she doesn’t want me to risk eating it. It smelt fine to me.

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