Project 3: Revision of Counterargument

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Last week you practiced the counter argument for Project 3, and this week you submitted Essay 3 with a counterargument and refutation. This week, you will revise just that counterargument and refutation for Essay 3.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The counter argument paragraph should not be the last body paragraph. It sound be the first paragraph after your introduction or the paragraph before your conclusion.
  • The counter argument paragraph should begin with a clear transition that indicates it is a counter. Words that help with that include: other people say, other experts claim, according to the opposition, others think that, while some people think….
  • In your counter argument paragraph, you will still follow PIE, meaning the counter claim itself will be the Point and you will provide one piece of information as an example and explain it.
  • You must include a refutation to the counterargument explaining why that counterargument is wrong, inconsequential or incomplete.


For this assignment, you will revise your counter argument paragraph from Essay 3. You can also revisit the PowerPoint on Counterargument while you are revising: Review Lecture: Counterargument & Refutation.

Step 1:

Copy and paste your counterargument and refutation from Project 3’s Final Essay Draft in a new document. Then

  • In yellow, highlight the point (counterargument)
  • In blue, highlight the information/explanation used to support the counterargument
  • In pink, highlight the refutation
  • In green, highlight the information/explanation used to support the refutation.

Step 2:

Start thinking about how you can make this part of your body paragraph better. Make sure to write down your answers for Step 2.

Start by answering the following questions:

  1. Is my counterargument an opinion rather than a fact? Is my counterargument a antithesis to my main claim/thesis?
  2. Do I provide enough information and explanation to support my counterargument?
  3. Is my refutation a direct response to my counterargument?
  4. Does my information and explanation for my refutation sufficiently explain why the counterargument is wrong, insufficient or insignificant?

Step 3:

Based on the questions above and your answers to them, rewrite your counterargument and refutation, making sure that it is clear, and has solid information and meaningful explanation. Remember successful counter argument paragraphs must have both a counterargument and a refutation.

**Make sure to clearly mark each step (1, 2, 3) on your document before submitting.

***Remember you can visit the Writing Center and see a tutor to help you on this assignment.