Punctuation Examples

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Punctuation Examples

Punctuation and Technical Errors Rules Assignment

Find 5 different examples of punctuation and technical errors as noted on the Rules sheet and post on the Discussion Board. Your examples should be pictures that you take of the errors on advertisements (such as those you may get in the mail or see in magazines), billboards, text messages and Facebook posts you are willing to share. Please do not point out the errors. We will share examples in small groups. As a group, you will identify the errors, say what you would do to fix them, and tell which of the Punctuation and Technical Rules applies.

Please be sure to do your own work—this is not a group project. Any repeated examples among students will not count toward your grade for this assignment.

Why are we doing this? It is important that you recognize common errors so that not only can you catch and correct them, but so that you present yourself as a credible and careful writer.

Please see the attached samples.