Quantitative Methods Versus Qualitative Methods

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

This discussion builds on information in the unit introduction and the unit studies. Keep in mind that learning about research is iterative (baby steps, one at a time!) and if you skip steps, you will get lost!

For this discussion, refer to the set of quantitative and qualitative articles provided in this unit’s studies. Choose one topic area that you find interesting. Briefly summarize each article (one paragraph each). Discuss the differences between the quantitative and the qualitative articles with respect to the following questions:

  • Sample size. (Which one used a larger sample and why?)
  • Data collection. (What methods were used to collect the data? Surveys? Observations? Interviews?)
  • Data analysis. (How was the data analyzed? Were statistics used? Were interviews coded?)

Consult the G.R.E.A.T. Discussion and Feedback Guidelines With Checklist document (given in the resources) to craft your discussion post.

400-500 words