read islamic thinking and the internationalization of human rights and answer the questions below

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Read the article titled below and answer the questions regarding the reading.

Islamic Thinking and the Internationalization of Human Rights by Mahmood Monshipouri

A. Read Monshipouri’s Islamic Thinking and the Internationalization of Human Rights, available in Course Materials, Folder on Families of law; I will ask some of the content for the midterm and final.

B. Answer the following questions and post them on BB.

1. Compare the “Western” and the “Muslim” perspectives, according to the text (.50).

2. Is Islamic law (Shari’ah) static or evolutionary? Why? (.50).

3. Are external influences to obtain change in Islamic law effective? Why/why not? (.50).

4. Name the most influential figure, according to the text, who proposes an internal approach to obtain change in Islamic law. What does he propose? (.25).

5. In your opinion, what are the advantages/disadvantages of “internal cross-cultural dialogue”? (.50).

6. According to Monshipouri, what position does the Muslim world adopt vis-à-vis women, religious freedom, democracy and economic rights? (.50).