Reflection discussion writing, one paragraph

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Review your work from the start of the semester until now. Search for instances in which you used something in your work that you learned earlier in our class. For example, do you work with citations any differently than you did before we did the quotation analysis work in week four? You may notice changes in how you work with sentence structure after we worked on simple, compound, and complex sentences in week seven. You also might notice changes in how you approach or compose a thesis. Additionally, you might pay more attention to creating concise sentences and consider how genres can shape readers’ expectations. Whether you choose to discuss how you support ideas and craft sentences or how you integrate quotations and evaluate an author’s credibility or you discuss other writing skills you further developed in our class, in this assignment I am asking you to reflect on how you transferred what you learned at one time to work you did in our class at a later date. You want to note how the transfer of what you learned changed your writing. This work is meant to help you generate material for your third essay.This assignment has no word requirement beyond asking to you post at least one paragraph.

**Please write in simple Language.**
Material provided below is things we learn or did over the course, and is meant to help you with this assignment. (note: for those weeks that are listed, either is working with the draft of a essay or revision of the essay)
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