Reflection paper

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Discussion Reflection Paper Guidelines

Format: 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

Word Limit: 500-700 words

This is a short essay to see how much you have understood the lecture materials in relation to the

ideas in the assigned readings, and the discussion which you signed up to lead. Please remember you

have to present clearly a few main ideas you learned from the lecture, discussion, and from reading

the article.


Please do remember you need your own title. Broad titles such as “Term Paper,” “no title”

and “Qin music” are not acceptable.

The title should express the main theme of your paper.

Structure of the writing:

As an intro, please narrate what questions you prepared for the class discussions and why

you chose to focus on those points. (1-2 sentences) I am expecting you to include 2-3

questions here.

How did you connect your reading to the information given in the lecture? (2-3 sentences)

Were there any important points you discovered through the discussion (but which you did

not recognize from the reading)? If so what are they? (2-3 sentences)

As a conclusion, please narrate one takeaway point that you consider the most important

aspect in relation to the musical culture we talked about (1-2 sentences)


You have to answer all the questions listed above.

Your ideas should be present clearly and your writing should develop with clear, logical



Please read your work one more time before you submit, and make sure all your sentences

are complete, and that they say what you want them to say.

Please check the spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Check if your sources have been quoted properly (if you have used quotations).

Please DO KNOW that a simple cut and paste of the source, without referencing it,

constitutes plagiarism.

Good luck and Have fun!