Reflection Paper: Thinking Traps

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?

Thinking Traps Reflection Paper:

  • According to Campbell, Whitehead and Finkelstein, why does the way our brains work lead to poor decisions?
  • In what ways do these processes relate to traps? Are they “traps” in the same way as described in the other readings for this week? Provide the how, why and because for all of the traps and concepts…..

To name a few items on the rubric, you need an introduction, critical thinking through analysis, evaluation and creative thinking through recommendations.

Traps –

Anchoring trap –

The Status Quo Trap

The Sunk Cost Trap

The confirming Evidence Trap

The Framing Trap

The Overconfidence Trap

The Recallability Trap

The prudence Trap

The Outguessing Randomness Trap

Surprised-by-Surprises Trap