Research and Power Point Presentation

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For this assignment you will do research ,and a 6 year plan Power point Presentation.The presentation should be 13 pages.I assigned a 3 Job Research assignment please fill it out . You need to use three different job listings at three different levels in the Carpentry INDUSTRY. The 3 job listings should be in “Carpentry”, types of carpenter include:

Rough carpenter: Framing, formwork, roofing and other structural work.

Joister: Lays floor joists onto which a floor surface is fixed.

Trim carpenter: Specialises in mouldings and trims, such as mantles, skirting boards), and other ornamental work.

Cabinet Maker A cabinet maker’s responsibilities include the building and installation of cabinets, furniture, and specialty items using many types of materials.

For your particular pathway, the employer may use different terms. In general the entry level positions will pay relatively low and require little experence/skill, the next level will require more tool use and skills, maybe some troubleshooting, and will pay better! The journeyman level will require troubleshooting, leadership, specific and lengthy experience and pay well! Use the research assignment for your “6-year Plan power point presentation.And the entry-level job will be what you we are going to produce a 6-year Plan and present it! Attached are the 6-year Plan Notes, and example Powerpoint Presentations.

Attached is the Research form and an example of the 6 year powerpoint presentation. The presentation should look like the example.