Research Paper

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Prompt B: Problem Solution Essay.

Topic I have chosen is Abortion. Problems following Abortion and why it should be made legal for women in the US.

Here are some reasons I chose Abortion as my topic for this essay:

-For example: Public Funding can help those who cannot afford abortion or contraceptives.

-For example: Equal Rights Amendement needs to be passed for women before this can be a problem solved.

-For example: Roe. vs Wade.

8-10 Pages MLA format.

Hook – Statistic, Quote etc.

Thesis statement needs to provide 3 reasons.

Ex: Also needs to say: “By looking at _____ we can gain knowledge on ____ which will empower us to do _____,______, and ______”.

DO NOT use “Us” or “I”

Use google scholar for evidence.

The instructions are attached in photos below.