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Response Posting
1) Respond to at least one classmate’s original posting.
2) Discuss one point you like/agree with and/or one point you dislike/disagree with and
explain why.
3) Length of response posting at least 200 words approximately.
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This the topic that you have to read it and write response about it in 200 words

U. S. English presents themselves as having two goals. 1. Promotion of English as the official language. 2. To promote opportunities for people to learn English. After reading Dicker’s article, it seems hard to believe that this group is truly interested in helping immigrants to learn English. The fact that this group is propagating ideas like that of immigrants waging a war against English, and that immigrants are trying to convert English speakers to their way of speaking (let’s say Spanish) is just preposterous. It reminds me of the “War on Christmas” that is evidentially raging everywhere around the United States, and I have never once encountered.

The fact that US English and other groups like them, want everyone to speak English, but then refuse to acknowledge that the majority of the research out there shows that an English only approach is the least effective way to get non-native speakers to learn English. Most of the research in this article referred to older research, but more recent research also supports that bilingual or at the very least viewing the native language as an asset is the most effective way to support English Language Learners in the classroom and to help them succeed academically. Wayne E. Wright states, “Monolingual forms of education, in contrast, are the weakest of all of these programs. They make little or no use of ELLs’ home languages, they aim for social and cultural assimilation of students, and they frequently result in the loss of students’ ability to speak their home language.” p. 118 Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners, Third Edition 2019. If these groups want everyone that they encounter in America to be able to utilize English as their means of communication, they should be the first to support whatever research based teaching techniques will get students to most effectively be able to use English.

It saddens and confuses me that people are so easily threatened by people just because they look and sound differently. I don’t understand this exclusionary concept of what it means to be American. I don’t understand why people would want to discourage people from using their own language. I do think it is very beneficial for everyone in the United States to be able to be able to comprehend, speak, read, and write in English. However, I don’t see any benefits for the individual or the society as a whole to be discouraging of multilingualism.