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Student paper down below:

A portable document that discloses information about a person such as criminal history, medical condition, fingerprints, and other government and state information. This type of card is usually carried by those of Third-World countries and is not same as a driver’s license or state issued ID. Those of other nations use these cards to track an individuals employment, taxations, healthcare and government benefits. We in the United States use the state issued identifications and driver licenses, which are not the same, but are carried by individuals to prove their Identity as well.

Like most governmental tactics, there is always a positive and negative side to their creations. The advantage of having identification that tells you everything about a person while in law enforcement, is that an officer would never be caught by surprise, with who they are dealing with. They are able to minimize the possibilities of racial profiling and or assumptions that could be made by just looks alone. Another advantage to having all a person’s information at hand is if that person needs medical attention, you are then able to see if they have any underlining health issues. That could be a crucial factor in determining if a person lives or dies, because you may have to administer medication or determine why a person needs the assistance in the first place. The disadvantages to having all your information on one card, is that that card could get into the wrong hands, and all your personal information and identity could be erased or stolen. It will be as if you didn’t exist, so it would be a headache trying to prove you are who you say you are and get your identity back. Also, some would say that having this card violates their fourth amendment “their right to privacy”. While it may identity who a person is, it also gives way to much information about a person’s personal background, I mean HIPPA laws could be violated as well. While having a national identification card makes life easier, Because it makes it harder to have your identity stolen or copied or an imposter to use it also has a downside to it because who wants their whole life on one card that they could either misplace or have stolen from them.

If we would have had these national identification cards in place when September 11th attacks occurred would they have prevented the attacks? My assumption is no and yes, the reason why I believe it wouldn’t have happened, is because the airports would have prevented them from boarding the plane. But at the same time, I say yes because if the terrorist never showed any signs of being a terrorist and this was their first act, then how would security have known, it would have to has been already documented or some kind of criminal history would have to had known. If nothing was established and their records were clean up until the point of attacks, then they would have been in the dark and it would have still happened.