This is a critical journal

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The journal should include the following three components: (1) Self-awareness, (2) Critical Analyses, and (3) Action Plan. The critical self-awareness component should be short, no longer than a couple of paragraphs. It should narrate an occurrence of daily systemic oppression. The critical analyses portion should critically analyze, in light of the literature, how that particular occurrence of systemic oppression that the student described has been normalized in our society. The action plan should include specific, measurable, and realistic actions that the student can take to raise her/his awareness of systemic oppression.

You should write your paper and cite any references following APA style from the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, 6th edition. Each paper must not exceed 6 pages in length, plus the title page and the reference page(s), and should have a minimum of 5 references from scientific journals or books. You can use references from the syllabus or from other sources. In addition, you can also include non-academic references in any format including excerpts from radio programs, videos, newspapers, etc.

You will not be graded on your feelings or the “acceptability” of any ideological positions you take. The criteria for evaluation are clarity of writing, logic or arguments, sound reasoning, and a specific and feasible intervention.

Specifically, the grading criteria for this assignment is as follows:

● Self-awareness (8 points)

● Critical-based analyses (12 points)

● Action plan (10 points)

● Correct use of APA style (5 points)

● Quality of writing (5 points)