U1CD Impact of Diversity in the Criminal Justice System

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Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post concerning diversity in the criminal justice system:

Here you see that Mr. Catlano and Mr. Jabari are two men that commit crimes, and both had prior. But Mr. Catlano has more things on his record, but Mr. Jabari had one prior and that was for drugs. As you can see that Mr. Catlano got less time than Mr. Jabari.

In both cases, it seems that the judge play race between Mr. Catlano and Mr. Jabari. When it comes to race it a great deal of controversy.” (MUSE). Mr. Catalano has a prior record like breaking and entering, done assault on a police officer, along with narcotics and he on 10-year probation, but Mr. Jabari he received seven years without the possibility of a good time. In this case, it did not tell everything that happens in court but as you can see Mr. Jabari got time and Mr. Catlano, he received probation. “Race is one of the most social problems in the United States.” (MUSW).

“Investigating difference, it helps people to understand something to be seen as a resource, or to be celebrated.” (Ebooksdvd). Race has always been a part of the United States, why because people don’t like a person’s skin color. If you watch the news you will see that a person of color as been kill by another race. The judge did not care if Mr. Jabari had a family or a job, he just saw skin color, therefore so many of the majority are in prison because people only see skin color. “When it comes to the criminal justice system the United States has the largest in the work where men of color or incarcerated in federal, state, that are in prison or in jail. There are about 6.7 million people of color that more in prison than any other race (Prisonpolicy.org).”

I don’t think the judge can support his decision because he must explain why he sent one man with lessor crime to prison, but don’t send the other one to why he prisons that have done more crimes, there is no way he can explain how he can explain this. The judge did show bias and that was racial bias or implicit bias. “The judge disfavoring black defendants that are tainted with racial bias.” (Weeks. V. (2018).

I would say that it not fair sentencing because they both should go to prison or got probation it not fair to send one to prison and not the other one.” (Weeks V. (2018). Everyone should get fair sentences instead of some getting unfairly deal.

This case happens in “Florida where a judge gave a black man 26 years in prison and gave the white man two years for the same crimes (snopes.com).” These two men were in the same courtroom, had the same crime, and they both pleaded guilty to the same judge, and same date. A white man robbed three men in a drug deal, and he was 19 years old, by the name of Legeitner, the other man is a black man he robbed a pizza hut and a gas station, and he is 21 years old and his name is Mr. Lloyd. “Both men pleaded no contest on two counts of armed robbery.” (snopes.com). The only thing they had on their record is a misdemeanor on their record. Legleitner is out prison and during what he wants, but Mr. Lloyd he is 47 years old when he is released in 2034. This sentence was not fair, but it was biased because one man was white and the other was black, so there was no cause for this. “The biggest crime in the United States criminal justice system is that race is the biggest problem were African Americans are targeted and punished more than with people.” (Weeks, V. (2018).

This is a true story that happens in Nevada with my son. A black man was sentenced to thirty years to life for firing a gun in a building. Whereas a white man was sentenced to three years for the same crime. Mr. White was a 24 years old black man who was having a party he was showing his gun to his friend when the gun went off. Someone calls the police and they tool Mr. White to jail. About two years later a white man named Mr. Morales he was shooting his gun in the house for fun, and he was shooting around children, but when Mr. White when he went to court, he got a lot of time, but when the white man Mr. Morales went to court he got three years so Mr. White is still fighting to get out of prison, but Mr. Morales has been out for a while.