Watchmen Presentations Peer Responses

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Watchmen Presentations Peer Responses

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Groups, Please post your presentation by clicking Reply by your topic.

For responses, please click Reply to the presentation you evaluate.

Choose 3 presentations on which to evaluate using these questions:

This is your final for the class: You must respond to a minimum of 3 Watchmen presentations–1 presentation per presentation day– by answering the peer review questions with a total minimum of 300 words each:

1. What does the thesis/claim say the presentation will try to prove about the topic?

2. In what ways was the presentation successful in proving the thesis/claim? Discuss at least two examples.

3. What part(s) of the presentation were weakest and why?

4. What did you learn about the book that you hadn’t thought about before from the presentation?

5. Please make any general comments about the presentation.

Note: if you restate the questions with your answers, the words from the questions do not count toward your 300 words requirement.

Please post your presentation here for peer evaluations. Please post your presentation in the Learning Module for grading.