week 7,last week

Can you help me understand this English question?

Week seven:

  • Complete your third 2-page essay and turn in the final draft.
  • Revise one of your essays into a 6-page research paper. Late work may result in a zero, as grades are due promptly!

All assignments must be formatted correctly; use MLA standards for font, spacing, and margins. See the website OWL at Purdue and look up MLA format for all of the information you will need in this class. Formatting will be graded!

Discussion Guidelines:

For discussion, please post and respond to classmates as helpfully as possible as everyone revises during our final days of the term!


I expect you to read the assignments carefully and respond thoughtfully and in interesting ways to the reading and to one another. You should always seek to expand the conversation, and not to end it.

Some Additional Information:

You are now completing the final essay and the final paper of our accelerated class! The topic for the research paper should be familiar, since you already wrote a two-page essay on the same text, and we have been discussing research in some detail. Keep your questions coming during our final days of the term!

This is also a fine time to review all of the concepts we have gone over this semester, and to particularly read through the research paper template again. Be sure to proofread, revise, read aloud, and go sentence by sentence looking for any weak points or mistakes. I look forward to excellent papers!

I am very available to answer any questions at all, and look forward to seeing all of your hard work this term come together well.

Have fun!